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Whether you just moved here from Oklahoma, or have been here for a decade, Santa Clarita is always changing, and GROWING. Here is a guide to many useful resources for Santa Clarita residents old and new:

Click Image To View The Guide: Santa Clarita Guide

Also on this page:
  • Santa Clarita FAQ’s – Who do you call when fireworks are freaking out your dog? Stuff like that is to be found here.
  • Santa Clarita Monthly and Weekly Home Sales Report
  • The Market Action Index – Buyers or sellers market?
  • Prices per square foot indexed by all Santa Clarita neighborhoods. Use this as a guide for whether a home is priced well.
  • Poll of citizens: What is the most issue confronting Santa Clarita?

Santa Clarita Schools:
Great Schools Schoolfinder and Boundaries.

Luxury Communities in Santa Clarita. A slideshow video of the prices where the beautiful homes live.

The Santa Clarita Paseo map is here.
Where Can You Go to Get the Best Jogging In?
The city’s system of Paseos certainly beats the heck out of jogging circles at a high school track.

How did the city of Santa Clarita get its name?

What is the most important issue facing Santa Clarita today?
According to the city’s website, it is public safety. Strange, since Santa Clarita is ranked #3 in the entire nation by Parenting Magazine. The city has no police force of its own, relying on L.A. County Sheriff’s for most law enforcement. A quick breakdown of issues, according to a poll of citizens found the following issues:

  • Public safety 21.3%
  • Water availability (drought) 16.3%
  • Jobs and the economy 13.5%
  • Education/schools/higher education 9.5%
  • Nothing/no issues/everything is fine 8.3%
  • Traffic 7.0%
  • Government 5.3%
  • Overpopulation/controlling growth/development 4.3%
  • Transportation 3.0%
  • Environmental issues 2.0%
  • Moral issues 1.8%
  • Affordable housing 1.3%
  • Healthcare 1.0%
  • Poverty 0.8%
  • Other 3.3%
  • Don’t know/refused 7.8%

Is there a “one stop shop” of information about city services?

The City of Santa Clarita has their own website, and KHTS and the Signal do a nice job too, but a really quick thorough list of all Santa Clarita resources is found at Santa Clarita Guide. The city’s Facebook site is actually quite active and useful too. We have a few you might need as a home owner listed right here:

Santa Clarita Real Estate Report – Click to begin slideshow. (No ads!);
Single Family Detached Homes
Townhouses and Condos
Starter Condos (2 BR Price Per Sq. Foot)

Santa Clarita Sales Data Trends

Graph 1: Median MAI

Is It a Buyers Market in Santa Clarita?

The Market Action Index (MAI) shown above shows supply and demand. An MAI value greater than 30 generally indicates a “Seller’s Market” because demand is high enough to quickly absorb available supply. We’re clearly headed back that direction in Santa Clarita.

MAI values below 30 suggest a “Buyer’s Market” where the inventory of already-listed homes is sufficient to last for several months at the current rate of sales. We haven’t been in a buyer’s market for quite awhile now.

My infographics give you a quick visual look at the numbers that shape our city. Check back often, as I enjoy making new ones frequently.