Relocating to Santa Clarita

If you are thinking of moving to Santa Clarita from virtually anywhere, you are upgrading your life. From the usual sunny mornings to the star-filled nights, Santa Clarita offers a wonderful backdrop for you and your family to live your lives.

The positives: Low crime, low unemployment, good schools, plenty of activities..Our city was incorporated in 1987 and things have gotten better and better since.

Santa Clarita Guide – A thorough guide to the amenities found in our great town. Santa Clarita was recently named the “12th Happiest City in America”, due to the job market here and its contribution to your overall physical well-being.

If you need referrals for moving companies, school information or neighborhood selection, based on your needs, I am at the ready. In the meantime, here are a few useful resources to help you “get the jist” of Santa Clarita.

color-coded map of santa clarita with city names and zip codes

Santa Clarita Peccadillos – The issues still in front of Santa Clarita.

Santa Clarita’s Facebook Page

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Thinking it’s time to move OUT of California?
I can help with that as well. I have contacts with great Realtors in 34 other states. I’m happy to help you list your home here, and coordinate with a Realtor in your new home state, making the move as seamless as possible.
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